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Oral Questions - 22nd December 2010

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Ministry of Defence

Seventh Parliament 1st Session, Order Book No. 2(4).]

22nd December 2010

Question for oral answers – 18th January 2011 – 0379/’10

Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, - To ask the Prime Minister and Minister of  Buddh Sasana and Religious Affairs.

Will he inform this House-
the number of MSD or Police personnel allowed to the Members of Parliament and Provincial Council Members separately as of today;

as to whom else MSD is deployed; and

number of personnel so allowed?

Will he table a list of MSD personnel deploy other than for MPP and Members of Provincial Councils as of today?

Will he state-
the names of the defeated candidates and MPP who are still receiving MSD or Police protection as of today;

number of personnel deployed to them and where they are from; and

the criteria adopted for such deployment?

Will he also inform the number of MSD or JSD or Police personnel allowed to the judges of Supreme Court, High Court and Court of Appeal?

If not, why?


Number of Police personnel provided for Hon. Parliament Members and very important persons decided to be provided with security lawfully, Will be decided according to the nature of the threats, aimed over them by external movements.  You are kindly informed that disclosure of number of Police personnel assigned to each of them cannot be possible, since such disclosure might be a threat to confirm their security.