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Oral Questions - 22nd March 2011

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Ministry of Health

Questions in Parliament for Oral Answers

Question No: 0578/10 – March 22, 2011

Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP to ask from the Hon. Minister of Health

In the year 2009 – 899    year 2010  -  912
In the year 2009 – 133    year 2010  -    83
Yes. Such an assignment has been done by a court judgement
University Grant Commission

About to 1,200. To reimburse the amount retired and to deploy in new units added.
Please see the annexure 01
Please see the annexure 02
To those Medical Officers confirmed in the service

On private and common  -  06 months maximum

On foreign employment  -  05 years maximum in terms of 16 XII of the Establishment Code        

Does not arise

Dr. P. G. Mahipala
Actg. Secretary,
Minister of Health

Annexure 01

The initial salary payable to a Medical Officer is as follows

Initial salary and allowances (Rs.)
Preliminary Grade
26,160/-  + allowances
Grade II
28,095/-  + allowances
Deputy Medical Administrative Grade
30,175/-  + allowances
Grade I
34,345/- + allowances
Senior Medical Administrative Grade
36,755/-  + allowances
Specialists’ Grade
42,390/-  + allowances

Rs.10,000/- as allowance for COL, off duty, on call, transport and attendance and Rs.6,000/- for administration are paid within the allowance.

Annexure 02

1/20 payment of the initial salary as service on Sundays, Public Holidays, and pensionable allowance
Overtime – as 04 hours maximum for a day and 120 hours for a month.

Preliminary Grade        Rs.210/- per hour

Grade II            Rs.280/- per hour

Grade I            Rs.300/- per hour

Specialists’ Grade        Rs.350/- per hour

Official Quarters (when available with in the institution)