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Oral Questions - 08th April 2011

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Question for Oral Answers for the Question No – 0445/10 which is to be asked on 08.04.2011 by

Hon. (Mr.) Ravi Karunanayake M.P. from Minister of  Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare

Question Answers

(a) Will he state the number of people go for foreign employments on per year basis during the last five years to date? Year Number of (Departed) for Foreign Employment

2005 -231,290
2006 -201,948
2007 -218,459
2008 -250,499
2009 -247,119
2010 -266,989
Total:  -1,416,304

(b) Will he admit that the people going overseas for employment be protected through an Insurance scheme? Yes.
(c) If so, will he inform this House of how much is charged per person for such an Insurance cover? No charge

Sri Lankans proceeding for employment abroad has to compulsorily register with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.  For such registrations, they have to pay the fees prescribed by the SLBFE Act.  Those registered with the Bureau will be provided with an insurance cover free.  Insurance premium is paid by the Bureau.  The premium of insurance for a 2 years service contract period is Rs.800.00 per insured and for 3 years service contract, it is Rs.850.00.
(d) Will he mention the total number of claims made per year for the last five years? Year Number of Insurance Policies Requested
2005- 5,239
2006- 6,206
2007- 5,186
2008 -4,923
2009 -4,572
2010 -5,886
Total  -32,012

(e) Will he explain as to why people do not get the claim even though they have paid for the Insurance Policy? No fee is charged for the insurance cover.
Insurance Cover is not received on following reasons.
When the validity period is expired
Not returned to Sri Lanka due to the occurrence of incident
Not submitted the required documents for obtaining insurance claims
Not applied within six month from the date of the incident for which insurance is entitled.

(f) If not, why? Not applicable