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Oral Questions - 06th May 2011

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Ministry of Defence

Seventh Parliament 1st Session, Order Book No. 3(2).]

06th May 2011

Question for oral answers -10th June 2011- 0690/'10

Hon. Ravi Karunanayaket -To ask the Prime Minister and Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious




Will he state-

(i) as to when the Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Ltd was incorporated;

(ii) the names of the shareholders and the directors of the organization;

(iii) the names of the government entities to which aforesaid company provides security service;

(iv) whether the contracts to provide security to those government entities have been offered through the proper tender procedure;

Will he also state-

(i) the rate charged per Security Officer by RaknaArakshaka Lanka Ltd;

(ii) the amount used to charge by the private sector companies that provide security services, when the change was taken over in the security service sector;

(iii) the daily and monthly payments and any other benefits entitled to a security officer of the Rakna pJakshaka Lanka Ltd;

(iv) the profit and loss account, of Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Ltd. for the last 3 years on per


If not, why?



(i) (ii)

It was established on 23rd of October 2006.

Mr. Jayasundara Punchi Bandara (Secretary -Ministry of Finance), Mr. Fernando Waduge Palitha Piyasiri (Military Liaison Officer -Ministry of Defence), Mr. Sirisena Sunil Shantha Kumara (Secretary -Ministry of Co-operatives and Internal Trade), Mr. Wickramasingha Bataduwe Kirindage Udeni Ayodhya (Secretary - Ministry of Agrarian Services and Wild Life), Mr. Pereis Peter Mohan Maithr. (Attorney General) and Mr. Hettiarrachchi Siripala (Additional Secretary -Ministry of Defence) are the shareholders.of this company as well as Mr. Fernando Waduge Palitha Piyasiri, Mr. Wickramasingha Bataduwe Kirindage Udeni Ayodhya, Mr. Hettiarrach~h~ Siripala and Mr. Marukkudewa Mahinda Saliya are Making as the Directors

1. Ceylon Petroleum Corporation

2. Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Ltd

3. State Factory

4. Ministry of Finance (Treasury Building)

5. Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation

6. Atomic Energy Authority.

7. Independence Television Network Ltd

8. Sri Lanka Port Authority (Hambantota Port)

9. Urban Development Authority -Sethsiripaya

10. Sri Lanka Telecom PLC

11. Ministry of Trade Development

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Ministry of Defence, on "1 June 201

Sgd/Gotabaya Rajapaksa RWP RSP psc


Ministry of Defence

lK.M.~. KathnaYaKe)

Addl. Secretary (D I)


Not releVaIlt.


Benefits provided c:m be stated as free Hostal Fascilities, issue a free Uniform, free night-tea ration, Insurance worth of 5 1ft (Five and half) lakhs for each under the Labour Compensation Insurance Scheme, provide Eye Glasses for a reasonable price, free Medical Check-up, free legal advices, provide Gratuity and Annual Bonus Allowances after 5 years of service, provide a Monthly Allowance of Rs. 1000.00 for the out-stationed MalelFemale Security Officers who work by residing

in Colombo provide free Welfare Family Health Services and provide up to Rs. 150,000/;= as a Death8 Fund. .


Payments of those Security Officers Vary depending on with or without weapons and shifts of 08 ~urs/ 10 hours! 12 hours.




~t1!!r _J:>ay

Rs. 450.00

~y Sec..;ty Officer

Rs. 500.00

Junior Security Officer Jwith we~~~_O8~2~)-

Rs. 600.00

Station Entrust Officer -
paily P~y

This Ministry has not owned the infonnations regarding amounts charged by those Comoanies.


Daily charges are Rs.2000/= for a Divisional Manager, Rs. 1500/= for a Station EntrtIst Officer, Rs. 1250/= for a Junior Security Officer and Rs. 1250 for a Lady Security Officer. All of them are Retired Force Officers.

12. Bank of Ceylon

13, Lanka Hospital

14. State Mortgage and Investment Bank" "

15. National Dangerous Drugs Control Board

16. Sri Lankan Air Lines (Karunayaka)

17; Ministry of Science and TeChnology

18. D.P. Global Venture (Privllte) Company

19. Road Development Authority -Highway Project Management Office at Battaramulla

20. Ministry of Disaster Management

21. Department of Inland Revenue ~ Western Province

22. National Insurance Trust Fund

23. Sustainable Energy Authority

Yes. This Institution is owned by the Government. '