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Oral Questions - 21st June 2011

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Ministry of Defence


Addl. Secretary (D II)

Ministry of Defence, on June 201




(i) Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britam and India.

(ii) 258.5 Km2 for Switzerland (two hundred and fifty eight point five square kilometers), 1336.29 Km2 for Denmark (one thousand three hundred and thirty six point two nine square kilometers), 690.59 Krn2 for Great Britain (six hundred and ninty point five nine square kilometers), and 1273.90 Km2 for India (one thousand two hundred and seventy three point nine) of lands have been entrusted. EntrUsted lands have not separated as Eastern or Northern lands.

(i) Approximately Rs.1,492,810,OOO.OO (Approximately one thousand four hundred and ninty two point eight one million)

(ii) De-mining equipments have been granted by United State of America, Chinese Governmen(, Australian Government, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR), International Organization for Migration (10M), Ministry of Economic Development and Office equipments were granted by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Approximately 65 vehicles'~fdifferent categories have been granted by United State of America, UNICEF and Ministry of Economic Development.

(iii) United State of Americ.a, Chinese Government, Australian Government, aid of UNHCR, 10M, Ministry of Economic Development and Unicef (Children's Fund of United Nations)

(iv) It is expected to complete the de-mining process in North -East by the year 2020. Not relevant.

(b) Will he also state-

(i) the cost incurred by the government of Sri Lanka for de-mining;

(ii) the amount of grants received for de-mini~g activities;

(iii) the names of the countries or private companies from which aforesaid grants

were received; and

(iv) the time duration that will be tak;en to complete the de-mining activities in the North- East area?

(c) If not, why?



Will he state-

(i) then~§JJf the countries involved in de-mining in Northern and Easter:n Jlroviilces;

(ii) the area in Square Kilometers entrusted toafores~id countries for clearing up in the Northern Province and Eastern Province separately; and

(iii) the area in Square Kilometers that have been cleared to date?


Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, -To ask the Prime Minister and Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs.


Question for oral answers-21st June 2011 -0692/'10

Ministry of Defence

Seventh Parliament 1st Session, Order Book No. 3(4).]

.26th May 2011 .