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Oral Questions - 23rd June 2011

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Oral Question Answers Hon Mr Ravi Karunanaya‚Äčke

Secretary General of Parliament,Parliament of Sri Lanka,Sri Jayewardenepura , Kotte.

Queries which exoect oral answers

The answer to the query no 0762/10 in supplementary no 03 of the parliament order book dated 26.05.2011 which is raised by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake expecting an oral answer from the Hon. Minister of Disaster Management on 23.06.2011, is kindly forwarded as below.

(AI (il Disaster Management Programmes have been implemented on National, District, Divisional and Rural level through the Ministry of Disaster Management and its affiliated institutions such as Department of Meteorology, Disaster Management Centre, National Building Research Organization and

National Disaster Relief Service Centre.Ministry of Disaster Management

Establishment of Disaster Management Act No 13 0(2005.

Establishment of National council for Disaster Management under the chairmanship of H.E. the president, in relate to the above act

Amendments were done to correct the shortcomings in the Disaster Management Act No 13 of 2005.

Declared December 26th as the National Safety Day

Preparation of Disaster Management policy

Disaster MaDalement Centre

Preparation of 10 year Road Map for Disaster Management (2005-2015)

Erection of Tsunami Early warning towers in coastal belt and conduct evacuation drills to aware publico,

Implementation of disaster mitigation projects (Annexure 1-5)

Conduct public awareness programmes and training sessions on disaster management.

Long and medium terms Impact Assessment on loss and damages to the economy caused by disasters

Development of Integrated Strategic Environment and assessment

Implementation of pilot projects on climate change adaptation

Establishment of disaster Emergency Operation Centre

Incorporating Disaster Resistant construction practices in building sector

Disaster hazard zone mapping

Preparation of leaflets and videos on disaster management

Implementation of school disaster safety programmes

Strengthening disaster response capacities in local authorities

Improve the emergency response capacity

Utilize satellite data for emergency response activities (Sentinel Asia)

Appoint a steering committee as per the disaster management road maps

Recruit and absorb a permanent staff to the Disaster Management Centre.

National Building Research Organization

Prepare a proper strategy for landslide disaster mitigation

Conduct investigations on landslides and provide reports which consist recommendations to the relevant Divisional and mstrict..Secretaries

Early warning on landslides

Conduct awareness programmes about landslides

Landslide hazard zonation mapping

Initiate the first phase of integrated project for landslide mitigation

Take appropriate measures to rom the National Building Research Organization in to an authority and establish an act to streamline its work role.

Department of Meteorology

Improve the observation network for weather prediction by utilizing new technology

Obtain quick information on weather condition by establishing an automatic weather observation network

The cabin~t approval has been granted for the project on enhancing meteorological prediction capacity and necessary actions will be taken on that

Establish an advisory committee to investigate and provide national solutions for Disasters cause by lightening and thundering

Aware the Public, Academics, climate and climate changes.

Planers and farmers on meteorology,

Protect lives and properties of people by providing information on

Tsunami disaster.

Act as the legal mandating national institute for every matter pertains to meteorology and atmosphere.

Provide early warning on meteorological and thunder disasters.

National Disaster Relief Services Centre

Preparation of a formal strategy for providing relief assistance to the disaster victims

1. NDRSC circular 2007/10 dated 01.10.2007 (Annexure 06)

2. NDRSC circular 2011/01 dated 08.02.2011 (Annexure 07)

3. Treasury circular which is expected to be issued in June 2011

Relief assistance provided to the disaster victims within last 05 years are as follows.

1.Financial assistance (Annexure 8-12)

2.Material assistance (Annexure 13-17)

Provide sprinkler water system and rain water tanks to mitigate drought impacts.

Secretary to the Leader of the House Secretary to the Chief Government whip Secretary to the Parliament Secretariat


M. MOhamea.,Secretary

(v) 809 no of employees are employing in the ministry and other affiliated mstitutions.

(iv) There is no need to take any action as such situation has not been


(ill) Details are provided in A(i)

National Disaster Service Centre

Department of Meteorology

Secretary's office

Minister's office

Ministry of Disaster Management

Total (Rs.)

(ii) Estimated grants for year 2011 is Rs.1,026,420,000j