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Oral Question Answers 1062-11 - 25th August 2011

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Ministry – Ports & Highways
Questioned by – Hon. Ravi Karunanayake
Question date – 25-08-2011
Answers for the Parliamentary Question No.1062/’11

(i)    The construction work of the 1st stage of the project has been completed by 18-11-2010 for enabling to commence the commercial operations of the Port.

(ii)    08 (Eight) Nos. of vessels including 3 Trials.

(iii)     Although there is no separate operational staff attached to the Hambantota Port, when the operations are going on staff will be sent from Colombo and Galle.

(iv)     Not arisen.

(b)    There is no separate balance sheet for the Hambantota Port.

(c)    Until an Account Section will be functioning in Hambantota Port, the details of the accounts are recorded under the Port of Colombo