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Oral Question Answers 0454-11 - 20th September 2011

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Oral Answer for the Parliament Question No.0454/11

Hon. Ravi Karunanayake – To ask the Minister of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities,

(a)    Is he aware that the Indian Government agreed to grant rupees 24 billion to Sri Lanka for construction of 50,000 houses for Tamils, during the Indian visit of the Sri Lankan President from 8 to 10 June 2010?

Answer    India has agreed to give Sri Lanka 50,000 housing units in the form of a full grant as per the joint statement signed at the completion of the Indian tour of HE the President of Sri Lanka in June 2010.

(b)    Will he state -

(i)    The number of houses that have been built to date by using aforesaid funds;

Answer    The Indian Construction Contractor selected by the Indian government has arrived in the country and the Pilot Project to construct 1000 housing units under this project has been commenced.

(ii)     The place in which they were built and the names of the recipients: and

Answer    The list of beneficiaries and the places for the construction of the houses under the Pilot Project have been furnished to the Indian High Commission.

(iii)    The amount of money given by Indians before the construction of houses?

Answer    The nature of this project is that Indian government will construct the houses and give them as a grant to the beneficiaries.

(c)    Will he inform this House –

(i)    The Criteria used in selection of the internally displaced persons to give new houses;

Answer    Priority was given in this Pilot Project to construct 1000 housing units for widows, single parent headed households, disabled people, head of the household weakened by age or injuries, families below the poverty line and beneficiaries were selected from landless families amongst the resettled.

(ii)    Whether they are Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese; and

Answer    Beneficiaries for granting houses were selected as per the criteria given under (c) (i) amongst the families that are being resettled.

(iii)    The number of more houses required more to be built to settle all the displaced people?

Answer    Government will take appropriate actions to construct new housing for displaced whenever the necessity arises.

(d)         If not, why?

Answer    Not relevant.