You are here:: In Parliament Oral Q and A Question for oral answers – 24th November 2011 – 1402/’11

Question for oral answers – 24th November 2011 – 1402/’11

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Ministry of Defence & Urban Development
Seventh Parliament 1st Session, Order Book No.4(7).]
08th November 2011

Hon Ravi Karunanayake – To ask the Prime Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs.
a)    Is he aware that the families of Army, Navy and Air Force Personnel with three children have been given benefits by the budget for year 2011?

b)    Will he inform this House –
(i)    of the number of families benefited by the scheme in the budget as per mentioned in (a);
(ii)    the names of the aforesaid benefited families on per district and electorate basis; and
(iii)    the total value of the scheme?

c)     Will he state separately the number and the names of security personnel received houses on free  as it was promised, on per district and electorate basis?
d)     Will he also state the benefits given to the forces personnel who are unable to raise their first and second child?
e)    If not, why?

(a)    Yes.

i.     2079
ii.     Benefits have been provided for the 1250 families in Army, 329 families in Navy and 500 families in Air Force, as well as it is expected to produce particulars in details, regarding the aforesaid families, within a month.
iii.     Two  hundred and seven million (207 million).

(c)     It is expected to produce the aforesaid details to the Parliament within a month, as it takes a considerable time period to obtain and arrange the relevant particulars.
(d)    A requisition as such has not been produced yet, by any personnel who are engaged in Security Service.
(e)     Not relevant.