You are here:: In Parliament Oral Q and A Question for oral answers – 28th November 2011 – 1404/’11

Question for oral answers – 28th November 2011 – 1404/’11

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Ministry of Defence & Urban Development
Seventh Parliament 1st Session, Order Book No.4(7).]
08th November 2011

Hon Ravi Karunanayake – To ask the Prime Minister and Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs.

a)    Will he state-
(i)    The number of Police Stations in the country at present; and
(ii)    The number of Police Stations required to provide a service covering the whole country;

b)    Will he also state –
(i)    the number of Policemen in service as at 1st July 2011;
(ii)    the actual number of Policemen, required;
(iii)    the ethnic recruitment policy of the Sri Lanka Police;
(iv)     the number of Police Personnel in the service representing then ethnic groups of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, and Malay separately; and
(v)    The breakup of the Police Personnel based on their speaking skill of Sinhala, Tamil and English languages?

c)    If not, why?

(i)    Four hundred and thirty (430).
(ii)    When establishing a Police Station, there are no specific parameters.  Police Station should be established by the Minister of Defence and Urban Development on recommendation of the Inspector General of Police as per the Departmental regulation B 09, after considering the requests or proposals made by the Higher Rank Police Officers, Civil Administrative Officers and Public Representatives in that area.  In the case of commencement of a new Police Station in a particular area, number of the crimes reported, population growth, emergence of new colonies and the importance of the geological positioning should be considered.

i.     Eight there thousand four hundred and twenty three (83, 423)
ii.    Ninety two thousand twenty three (92, 023)
iii.    All the recruitment will be carried out according to the regulations made by the Inspector General of Police, as per the approval of Director General of Institutions and the Secretary of Defence and Urban Development, on requirements and vacancies at the Department of Police, as well as the recruitments are not made according to the ethnicity.

iv.    Sinhalese Officers    -    81328
Tamil Officers    -      1093
Muslim Officers    -        952
Malay Officers    -          25
Dutch Officers    -          09

v.    In the case of recruiting the Police Officers, those who are able to speak Tamil and Sinhala, are being recruited to the Police as per the ethnicity.  After the basic training, in service training is given to petroleum the duties in Tamil and English.  Based on the ethnicity and the requirements of the service, aforesaid trained officers are transferred.    

(c)    Not relevant.