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Oral Question Answers Hon Mr. Ravi Karunanaya​ke MP in Parliament QN.1520-11

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Question Number    -    1520/11
Ministry        -    Ministry of Transport
Parliament Member    -    Hon. Ravi Karunanayake
Date            -    2012.03.06

a)    Will he state for years 2010 and 2011 separately
i)    The total cost for renting or leasing of building which are not owned by the Ministry of Transport?
Lease of rent is not paid for the land on which the Ministry of Transport is situated as belongs to the Department of Railways.

ii)     The rate per square feet of rented or leased buildings: and
Not applicable
iii)     The leasing period of the buildings?
Not applicable
b)     Will he also state in relation to the ministry of transport for aforesaid years respectively?
i)    The total money spent on renting or leasing of vehicles do not belong to any of the Ministry related entities.

For the year 2010 – Rs.2,604,404.92 (Twenty Six Hundred Four Thousand Four Hundred and Four Rupees and Ninety Two Cents)

For the year 2011 – Rs.4,355,737.30 (Forty Three Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Seven Rupees and Thirty Cents)

ii)    The total number of vehicles rented or leased

For the year 2010 – eight vehicles (08)

For the year 2011 – eight vehicles (08)

iii)    The other outsourced services

1.    Cleaning service
2.    Maintenance of the machines belongs to the Ministry

iv)    The cost incurred in outsourced services mentioned
1.    For cleaning service
Rs.239,025.90 (Two Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Twenty Five and Ninety cents for 2010)

Rs.1,175,529.00 (Eleven Hundred Seventy Five Thousand and Five Hundred Twenty Nine only for 2011)

2.    For maintenance of machines belonging to the Ministry of Transport

Rs.1,042,537.23 (One Million Forty Two Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Seven Rupees and Twenty Three Cents for 2010)
Rs.1,026,383.61 (One Million Twenty Six Thousand Three Hundred Eight Three Rupees and Sixty One Cents for 2011)  

v)     The number of people who have been contracted on sourced basis and
2010 – Eight institutions
2011 – Eight institutions
vi)     The total staff strength?
The total staff is 138 for the year 2010
The total staff is 147 for the year 2011
c)    If no, why?
Not applicable