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Oral Questions - Thursday 22nd October 2009

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To be raised by the Hon. Ravi Karunanayake when
Parliament meets on Thursday 22nd October 2009

1.    0710/’09
Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, – To ask the Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Administration and Deputy Minister of Defence, Public Security, Law and Order,

a)    Will he inform this House –

(i)    the number of Executive Presidents elected/ appointed as at to date;

(ii)    the period they have governed;

(iii)    the total cost incurred for each of the past Presidents or their Nominees and separately the purpose they incurred for;

(iv)    whether any houses or land have been given to any of them;

(v)    if so, the location and the extent; and

(vi)    whether it is given on rent or outright?

b)    Will he state the total security personnel afforded to them?

c)    If not why?

2.    0712/’09
Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, – To ask the Minister of Agricultural Development and Agrarian Services, –

a)    Will he inform this House on per year and per season basis for the last ten years –

(i)    the amount of paddy harvested in the ‘Yala and Maha’ seasons;

(ii)    the cost of the production;

(iii)    the average price guaranteed by the Government?

b)    Will he state for the last 4 years on monthly and yearly basis –

(i)    the requirement of rice;

(ii)    the duty prices imposed on rice imports;

(iii)    the amount of money spent on subsidies for fertilizer for cultivation of paddy?

c)    Will he also state the amount of metric tons of fertilizer required on district basis for the last 05 years?

d)    If not why?