You are here:: Latest News Attorney General’s Department took him to Bond Commission and is engaged in an attempt to tarnish his image.

Attorney General’s Department took him to Bond Commission and is engaged in an attempt to tarnish his image.

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badumkara22Certain media set to hang me without trial, I proved them wrong today.- Minister of Foreign Affairs Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ravi Karunanayake reiterates that the Attorney General’s Department has been making an attempt to tarnish his image by calling him before Presidential Commission appointed to probe the Central Bank Bond Issus.

The minister expressed these views before the media this afternoon (August 02) after testifying before the Commission.

Minister Karunanayake said that certain media houses tried to hang him without trail but he was able to prove everything before the Commission today.

Minister Karunanayake further expressed his views in this manner:

“Certain media houses tried to hang me without trail. I proved them wrong today. I have to say that these officers of the Attorney General’s Department are trying to tarnish my image and capitalize on it to gain top positons. They have created a situation which we find it difficult live our private life. We came to power to restore a good governance and clean administration. I am one of the members who contributed much towards such efforts. I maintained a clean administration in the Finance Ministry. These are consequences of certain misdeeds carried out by our own fellow politicians. That is the biggest quandary I have ever faced. I can tell at this moment that the truth will unearth soon. It cannot be concealed. I tell that some of your media have tarnished my image for no reason. It is the duty of you all to correct the damage. What I told here will be proved. I would invite you all now to go and see. Wrong things have been shown under the label of Penthouse. I have my house near Parliament before I entered politics. These are not new things. Attorney General’s Department chases after those who formed good governance instead going after thieves. I am happy today. Because the Attorney General’s Department questions a powerful minister of this government. What could have happened if this had occurred 3 years ago? They could have gone by white vans. That is why we are coming to these places. I am hurt in a way to tell all these things. We were harassed when in the Opposition. When we came to power, our characters are assassinated. What have we done wrong? You all may have seen my answers. There is nothing to hide. We appreciate all three judges in the Commission for welcoming us and taking action accordingly. On the other hand, I have no right to criticize the way I was questioned. However all of you would be able to know the truth soon”, Minister Ravi Karunanayake further stated.

Several UNP MPs were also present at the Commission when Minister of Foreign Affairs was testified before the Commission today. At the same time, a large number of supporters were lined up along the road leading to the Commission Complex to greet the minister when he moved out of the Commission complex after testifying himself.